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Anophelarium:*  music not only for mosquitoes' wedding**

Anophelarium - logo

*Anopheles - a genus of insect from the family of mosquitoes. Anophelarium is a certain kind of sanatorium or prestigious art residency centre for musically gifted insects. However, as it goes, a talent is difficult to prove and anyone may work his/her way to Anophelarium, somehow. Then, instead of intensive compositional activity, the bugs just fly aimlessly here and there, waste time, sit at places not labeled with a treble clef sign and, sometimes, simply suck. The Greek word Anopheles means “useless”, “without purpose”, after all.

**A Czech folk song describes in detail the wedding music of mosquitoes in the verse “Mosquitoes had wedding day, bzum, bzum, wedding day”.

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