„Zvířecí hudba“ (Animals' Music) - animals, things, landscapes and still lifes… heard.

Similarly focused webs, friends and other interesting links

Understanding sounds and noises as a sort of music is not at all a new thing of the digital era. For those interested, I suggest to search for key words that would lead you to the middle of the twentieth century „musique concrète“ and „Pierre Schaeffer“, or listen to a recording of the composition „Cricketmusic“ from 1970 by the composer Peter Eötvös.

  • And-oar. Very interesting music label focused at sound art.
  • Touch. Another interesting label worth visiting.
  • Mademoiselle Chloé. The studio of animated films l'Enclume created a short poetical movie in 2006, based completely on the beauty of sound. Author: Rémi Durin, on the webpage of the studio you'll find it under the name Mademoiselle Chloé.
  • Slavek Kwi. His works are capable of submerging you into the real abstractness of the concrete sounds symphony.
  • Chris Watson. Guru of field recording, collaborator of BBC and David Attenborough, sound expert and enthusiast. His discography together with short samples can be found at Allmusic.com, and elsewhere.
  • Jez riley French. Blog with samples of the work of another enthusiast.
  • Des Coulam. Lives in Paris and records all around his self.
  • Nula. Well done internet sound project accompanied with images and texts.
  • Jonáš Gruska. Sound enthusiast and field recordist from Slovakia.
  • London Sound Survey. A collection of London sounds.
  • Favourite sounds of Prague.. A collection of Prague sounds.
  • Radio Aporee. A collection of the world's sounds (in a Google map).
  • Green Field Recordings is a portuguese netlabel focusing at pure field recordings.
  • Phonography offers some examples for listening, too.
  • Wildlife Sound Recording. Voices of the wilderness, mainly birdsongs.
  • Xeno-canto. Bird voices from around the globe with the possibility of search based on the geographical distribution.
  • Designing Sound. Dedicated to the art and technique of sound design.
  • Radiocustica. You can discover some interesting listening on the pages of the Czech state radio.
  • OrganArt Library. I found a plethora of musical colours on this page where Prof. Helmut Maier offers sample mp3 recordings of various interesting European organs digitized for Hauptwerk software.